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There are numerous websites out there that could help you find the job you are looking for after graduating, by informing you on positions available from various companies, deadlines, ways of applying for the announced jobs etc. Some of them even give you advice on CV writing and Interview Skills.

General Commercial Sector
Target Jobs - targetjobs.co.uk
Pareto - pareto.co.uk
Milkround - milkround.com

Specialised Technical Sector
Matchtech - matchtech.com
NES Global Talent - nesgt.com

Academic Sector, Postgraduate/Academic Positions
Jobs - jobs.ac.uk
These skills are very important when applying for jobs as they improve your chances of being successful, and they help bring out the positive qualities that an employer might be looking for in you. A well written CV and a good interview may be the only thing distinguishing you from other applicants, so it's good to take it seriously.

You can improve your CV and interview skills using seminars and mock interviews given by the University's Careers Service (see below). Additionally, there are various recruiting websites which you can visit for tutorials or advice, such as skillstudio.co.uk.
University Careers Service
The University run an extensive service concerning many issues related to finding jobs, from helping you improve your CV to organizing interview skill training sessions. They also notify you about careers events such as careers fairs, employer presentations. The careers service also run their own e-jobs service which keeps you informed on part time, internship and full time jobs at soton.ac.uk/careers.

University of Southampton Careers Network
Get information about jobs from previous graduates, see where they work now and contact them to get a better perspective about a job you might want to go into.

You can benefit form the work experience of University of Southampton alumni who have volunteered to share information about their occupations. Search the database of Career Contacts from a wide range of occupations, view Career Profiles and email a Contact with career related questions.

The Southampton Careers Network is a new scheme, so if you can't find a Contact in your chosen career, please be patient and check the database regularly as new contacts sign up all the time.

Follow the 'My Future' tab from the Sussed portal - sussed.soton.ac.uk.

UoS IEEE Student Branch Seminars
The IEEE Student Branch Seminars at the University of Southampton which involve local businesses and recruiting companies are an excellent way to get networked with actual employees company positions or get to know the area you are about to apply in and decide if its really the one for you. So keep your eye on the website for updates and new events!

Another good place to get into direct contact with recruiters or people that could help you decide a career or even help you with your application are the employer presentations that are organized from time to time at the University which are publicized by the career service.

We hope that this information is enough for you to get started in your job-hunt endeavours. When applying for employment, remember to never give up when faced with initial rejection, learn form your mistakes, never stop trying, and apply as soon as possible when a position that you might be interested in is open. As they say, the early bird gets the worm!

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